First Free Will Baptist Church

A Radiant Theme

You are welcome here!

Welcome to the FFWBC website.  FFWBC is a church dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We believe in a simple but effective commandment, Love God, and Love people. We believe that life is all about Jesus Christ, and because He lives, we can live. Because He is strong, we can be strong. Because He is peace, we can have peace. We are very passionate about making sure that we exalt Jesus Christ in all we do.  We hope you find the information you need from this website, but we hope to make a lasting impression on you in person, so we invite you to come worship with us.

Friendly People - We strive to make everyone feel welcome!  Our Hospitality team will meet you at the door and will always be anxious to share directions or answer any questions you may have.  Then you will feel the warmth and welcome from our people.  Feel free to sit anywhere!  No one has an assigned seat at FFWBC.

Freedom to Worship - At FFWBC we have a blended worship service sure to fit your preference.   You may find that one moment you are singing along with the sacred hymns that have blessed the hearts of God's people for decades, but in the next moment you will worship with a live band playing those soul stirring, hand clapping, and heart thumping praise songs.  Many of these songs are scripture put to music.  At FFWBC, you get the best of the old and the new!

 Focused Preaching - Pastor Josh very passionately applies the timeless principles of scripture to everyday life situations in various sermon series.

Come be the Church with us at FFWBC!

In Christ,

Josh Rector
Interim Lead Pastor